Beef Bully Stick Dog Treats

Beef Bully Stick Dog Treats


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  • 100% Australian-made, natural and healthy
  • Premium quality, long-lasting
  • No use of any additives, chemicals, or preservatives
  • Quality dog treats ensure nutritional benefits and long shelf life
  • Prepared in one of the few AS5812 export accredited experienced facilities
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Product Description

Unleash the Chewphoria: 100% Aussie Beef Bully Sticks for Happy, Healthy Pups!

Looking for a dog treat that’s delicious, long-lasting, and good for your furry friend’s health? Look no further than Bark with Buster’s Beef Bully Stick Treats! Made with 100% Australian beef, these premium chews are packed with protein and naturally clean teeth as pups gnaw away.


  • Aussie Made & Owned: Support local and treat your pup to the good stuff! Made with quality Australian beef in certified facilities.
  • Dental Delights: The act of chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup, promoting fresher breath and healthier teeth.
  • Long-Lasting Fun: Keep boredom at bay with these durable chews that provide hours of satisfying entertainment.
  • All-Natural Goodness: No artificial additives, chemicals, or preservatives. Just pure, delicious beef your pup will love.
  • Single Ingredient: Simple is best! 100% Australian Beef Pizzle, perfect for dogs with sensitivities.
  • Perfect for All Sizes: From tiny terriers to giant goliaths, we have bully sticks for every chomper.

Ready to unlock a world of chewsational happiness for your dog? Add Bark with Buster’s Beef Bully Stick Treats to your cart today!

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About Bark with Buster:

We’re a passionate pack of dog lovers in Melbourne, dedicated to creating irresistibly delicious and healthy treats for your furry best friend. Join our pack and discover the difference quality makes!


Product size is approx 15cm per piece and thickness varies.

Nutritional Analysis

Ash (as is) (TP/024)
S23-0032683 Ash (dmb) 1.9%
Metabolisable Energy (Atwater) (TP_FT_008)
S23-0032683 Atwater energy 431.2 kcal/100g
Fat by Acid Hydrolysis (TP/050)
S23-0032683 Fat (dmb) 14.2%
Moisture (TP_FT_002)
S23-0032683 Moisture 12.8%
Crude Protein (TP/026)
S23 – 0032683 (N x 6.25) 88.6%
Crude Fibre (TP/098)
S23 – 0032683 Crude Fibre (DMB) 1.4%
NFE (TP_FT_008)
S23 – 0032683 NFE <0.1%

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