Meet Buster

Meet Buster

DOG TREATS - Dog Treats 100% Australian, Natural and Grain Free

Running through the little streets of India. I was amused, scared and intrigued by this four-legged creature. Adults always told us to watch out for them as they bite and are dangerous, instilling fear towards dogs. This fear was real, real enough to give me heart palpitations.

However, there comes Buster. Yes, Buster. A little fluffy. German Shepherd pup, only a few weeks old. He was cute, adorable, tiny and very vulnerable in those early stages of life. Buster was my cousin’s pet, giving me all the possible opportunities to spend time with him, feel him, understand him and most importantly love him unconditionally as Buster did that for me.

This experience opened my eyes, heart and soul in a new light, without any fear in it, to these magnificent creatures we call dogs.

Buster with his playful nips, scratches, barks and more made me understand why they are man’s best friend. That was a gift of a lifetime. The gift of being open to experience the abyss of compassion we as humans hold and how to live and love unconditionally.

Everyday Buster taught me why he did what he did, how he did it and when he did it. Buster was my teacher, my pathway and my key to the world of these amazing canines. Buster let me indulge into the dog world to understand them and to learn what is best for them, especially their diet.

I grew older and dog-wise with Buster. As a youngster it was a heartbreaking lesson and no one got me ready, not even Buster when he passed away at a young age of only 10. This broke my heart into a zillion pieces. It made me explore what factors contributed to untimely deaths in canines and also extended the longevity of their life span. The answer was immediate and included their diet.

Since that day I have read books on various experts educating all dog lovers on ingredients and foods that are optimum best for our very loved canines. Post covid, which roughly was 25 years since Buster left me, I had an absolute passion and insatiable hunger for knowledge to create and be part of all natural intake of food and treats for dogs. Buster was not just a dog. He was a teacher and avenue to my soul calling to do the best for dogs. In his memory and absolute conviction I started “Bark with Buster”.

Bark with Buster is an all natural, single protein, Australian made,non-preservative air dehydrated dog treats business.

Our primary focus is not to just create them but to ensure they are affordable for all fur parents at affordable cost to ensure healthy treats are not an option they are given to their pets.