Chicken Necks For Dogs

Chicken Necks For Dogs


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Chicken Necks For Dogs 🇦🇺 Looking for a natural and enriching treat that satisfies your dog's primal urges? Unleash the power of nature with Bark with Buster's Nutritious Chicken Neck Dog Treats! Made with 100% Australian, human-grade chicken, these air-dehydrated treats are a delicious and healthy way to keep your pup happy and engaged.


Chicken Necks For Dogs! 🇦🇺

Looking for a natural and enriching treat that satisfies your dog’s primal urges? Unleash the power of nature with Bark with Buster’s Nutritious Chicken Necks Dog Treats! Made with 100% Australian, human-grade chicken, these air-dehydrated treats are a delicious and healthy way to keep your pup happy and engaged.

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Product Description

Chicken Necks For Dogs 🇦🇺

The Ultimate Chewy Dog Treat

Hey there, fellow dog lover! 🐶 Are you on the hunt for the perfect treat that will make your puppy’s tail wag with happiness? Look no further! Our Chicken Necks for Dogs are just what you need. These tasty morsels are not just any old dog treats – they’re air-dehydrated to lock in all the natural goodness. Let’s dive into why these Chicken Dog Treats are the best choice for your furry friend.

Why Choose Our Chicken Necks?

First off, these Chicken Necks for Dogs are all-natural and packed with protein. We know how much you care about your dog’s health, and these treats are made without any nasty additives or preservatives. Just pure, wholesome chicken, dehydrated to perfection. Think of them as the ultimate snack that combines taste and nutrition.

Perfect for Training

Training your dog can be challenging, but with our Chicken Treats for Dogs, it becomes a whole lot easier. These treats are the perfect size for rewarding good behavior. Plus, the crunchy texture makes them an irresistible dog treat for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Imagine your pup mastering new tricks while enjoying their favorite snack. Win-win, right?

Healthy and Delicious

Our Dried Chicken Dog Treats aren’t just tasty; they’re also great for your dog’s health. They help keep teeth clean and gums healthy, acting like a natural toothbrush. And since Chicken Treats for Dogs they’re rich in protein, they’re excellent for muscle development and overall well-being. It’s like giving your dog a health boost with every bite.

Air Dehydrated Goodness

We take pride in how we prepare our treats. These Air Dehydrated Chicken Necks retain all the essential nutrients and flavors, making them a superior choice compared to other treats. Your dog gets a treat that’s as close to nature as possible, without any of the bad stuff.

Tail-Wagging Happiness

We know you want the best for your furry friend, and so do we. Our Dog Treats Chicken Necks are designed to make your dog happy and healthy. Picture your pup’s excitement every time you reach for the treat jar. These chicken necks are not just treats; they’re a way to show your dog just how much you care.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat your dog to the best with our Chicken Necks for Dogs. Watch their eyes light up with joy and their tails wag in excitement. Your furry friend deserves nothing but the best!

FAQs About Chicken Necks for Dogs 

Are chicken necks safe for dogs?

  1. Yes, our chicken necks are air dehydrated to ensure they are safe and healthy for your dog. They’re a natural, nutritious treat that dogs love.

How often can I give my dog chicken necks?

  1. You can give your dog chicken necks as a treat or reward during training. We recommend moderation, like with any treat, to maintain a balanced diet.

Are these chicken necks suitable for all dog breeds?

  1. Absolutely! Our chicken necks are great for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Just make sure to supervise your dog while they enjoy their treat.

Do chicken necks help with dental health?

  1. Yes, the crunchy texture of the chicken necks helps clean your dog’s teeth and gums, promoting better dental health.

How are the chicken necks prepared?

  1. Our chicken necks are air dehydrated to preserve their natural nutrients and flavors, ensuring a high-quality, healthy treat for your dog.

Here’s why Bark with Buster’s Nutritious Chicken Necks For Dogs are the perfect choice:

  • Simple & Natural: These dog treats contain just one ingredient – pure, air-dried chicken. No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or additives – Chicken for dogs. Just the natural goodness your dog craves.
  • Protein Powerhouse: Fuel your dog’s adventures with a protein-rich treat that supports strong muscles and healthy growth.
  • Low-Fat & Lean: These air dehydrated Nutritious Chicken Necks For Dogs are a guilt-free way to reward your dog without adding unwanted weight.
  • Crunch Time Delight: The air-drying process creates a satisfying crunch that keeps dogs entertained and mentally stimulated.
  • Sparkling Smile Bonus: Dog’s chewing on these chicken necks helps clean teeth and remove plaque buildup, naturally promoting good oral hygiene.
  • Perfect for All Pups: From playful puppies to senior companions, every dog can enjoy the deliciousness and nutritional benefits of chicken neck treats.

Beyond the Deliciousness: These Nutritious Chicken Neck For Dogs offer a range of additional benefits:

  • Joint Support: Chicken necks are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are essential for maintaining healthy joints and cartilage in your dog.
  • Boredom Buster: The act of chewing provides mental stimulation and keeps your dog occupied, helping to prevent boredom and destructive behaviours.
  • Vitamin & Mineral Boost: Chicken necks for dogs are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, B vitamins, and calcium, contributing to your dog’s overall well-being.
  • Nutritious Chicken Necks are Also Suitable for Cats: These treats aren’t just for dogs! Your feline friend might also love the taste and texture.

At Bark with Buster, we believe in treating your pet with the same love and respect you do.

Our passion for pets shines through in every product we create, and we are committed to providing healthy and natural treats that your dog will love.

Don’t just take our word for it! See what our happy customers are saying about our 5-star Google reviews and experience the Bark with Buster difference!

Show your furry friend how much you care with Bark with Buster’s Nutritious Chicken Neck For Dogs! Order yours today and watch their tail wag with joy!

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Ingredients – 100% Australian Chicken

Nutritional Analysis

Ash (as is) (TP/024)
S23-0038789 Ash (dmb) 19.1%
Metabolisable Energy (Atwater) (TP_FT_008)
S23-0038789 Atwater energy 377.1 kcal/100g
Fat by Acid Hydrolysis (TP/050)
S23-0038789 Fat (dmb) 19.9%
Moisture (TP_FT_002)
S23-0038789 Moisture 9.3%
Crude Protein (TP/026)
S23 – 0038789 (N x 6.25) 59.3%
Crude Fibre (TP/098)
S23 – 0038789 Crude Fibre (DMB) 2.2%
NFE (TP_FT_008)
S23 – 0038789 NFE <0.1%

Additional Information

Weight N/A