Shark Cartilage For Dogs

Shark Cartilage For Dogs


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Shark Cartilage For Dogs-Shark Cartilage Dog Chews 🇦🇺 Dive into Deliciousness. The Natural Fishy Chew Your Dog Will Love! 🇦🇺


Looking for a tail-wagging treat that will keep your pup entertained for hours? Bark with Buster’s Shark Tails are all-natural, long-lasting chews made with sustainably sourced Australian shark. Packed with nutrients and flavour, these treats are perfect for satisfying your dog’s primal instincts and keeping them happy and healthy. Shop now and unleash the inner shark in your furry friend!

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Product Description

Shark Cartilage For Dogs 🇦🇺

Hey there, dog lover! If you’re on the hunt for top-quality, healthy, and utterly irresistible treats for your furry friend, you’re in the right place. Our Shark Cartilage For Dogs are made from premium Australian shark cartilage, ensuring your dog gets a delicious and nutritious snack. Perfect for urban professionals who are passionate about dog care, these natural treats are ideal for enhancing your dog’s well-being and behavior.

Why Your Dog Will Love Them

Dogs go bonkers for the unique, crunchy texture and savory taste of shark cartilage dog treats. Whether you have an energetic puppy or a calm senior dog, these treats are perfect for rewarding good behavior or just showing some love. Our shark cartilage is air dehydrated to lock in all the natural goodness, making them one of the healthiest and most delicious dog treats available. No grains, no fillers – just pure, natural dog treats that your dog will love.

Perfect for Training and Beyond

Looking for effective training treats? You’ve found them! These shark cartilage dog treats are excellent for rewarding your dog. They’re easy to handle and even easier for your dog to enjoy. Plus, being low in fat and high in protein, they’re a guilt-free way to spoil your pup.

Pure Australian Quality

We’re all about quality, which is why we use only the best Australian shark cartilage for our dog treats. Our air-dehydration process ensures all the essential nutrients are preserved, giving your dog a treat that’s both delicious and nutritious. If you’re searching for the best Australian dog treats, our Shark Cartilage For Dogs are the way to go.

Health Benefits Galore

Our Shark Cartilage For Dogs are packed with protein and essential nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which are great for your dog’s joint health, dental health, and overall well-being. Whether you’re rewarding good behavior or just treating your pet, these treats are a healthy choice that supports your dog’s health.

Happy Dog, Happy Life

A happy dog means a happy life. And nothing makes a dog happier than a tasty treat. With our Shark Cartilage For Dogs, you can rest easy knowing you’re giving your dog the best. They’re not just treats – they’re a way to show your love and care.

Why Bark with Buster’s Shark Cartilage For Dogs 🇦🇺 are the Catch of the Day:

  • Aussie Made, Aussie Loved: Support sustainable fishing practices and local heroes (furry and human!) with these treats made with Australian shark.
  • A Feast for the Senses: The irresistible aroma and taste of shark will have your dog begging for more (don’t worry, they’re single-ingredient!).
  • Longer-Lasting Fun: These chewy, crunchy  treats will keep your dog crunching away, reducing boredom and destructive chewing.
  • Natural Dental Defence: The act of chewing on Shark Tails helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, promoting good dental hygiene for your pup. A great dog dental chew option.
  • Packed with Protein: Shark meat is a great source of protein, essential for building and maintaining strong muscles.
  • Hypoallergenic Hero: Shark is a novel protein source, making it a great option for dogs with allergies to more common proteins like chicken or beef. A great hypoallergenic dog treat for your pooch. One happy dog!
  • No Nasties Added: We say NO to artificial flavours, preservatives, and additives. Just pure, Australian Natural dehydrated shark for a taste of the ocean!
  • Gentle on Tummies: The natural air drying process makes these treats easy to digest, even for sensitive pups.
  • Supervise the Hunt: As with any chew toy, supervise your dog while they enjoy their Shark Cartilage Dog Chews 🇦🇺 to ensure safe enjoyment.


1. Are shark cartilage treats good for dogs?

Absolutely! Shark cartilage treats are packed with protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which are great for your dog’s joint and overall health.

2. What makes air-dehydrated shark cartilage dog treats special?

Air dehydration locks in all the nutrients without adding any preservatives. This means your dog gets all the natural goodness in every bite.

3. Are these Australian shark cartilage treats suitable for puppies?

Yes, they’re perfect for puppies! The treats are crunchy and easy to chew, making them ideal for training and rewarding good behavior.

4. Do these treats contain any grains or fillers?

Nope! Our treats are 100% grain-free and contain no fillers. Just pure, natural shark cartilage.

5. How do shark cartilage treats benefit my dog’s dental health?

The crunchy texture of shark cartilage helps clean your dog’s teeth as they chew, reducing plaque and tartar buildup for better oral health.

Shark Cartilage For Dogs 🇦🇺 Dive into Deliciousness. The Natural Fishy Chew Your Dog Will Love! 🇦🇺

Is your dog a furniture-destroying fiend with a seemingly bottomless chew toy pit? Then dive into deliciousness with Bark with Buster’s Shark Cartilage For Dogs 🇦🇺 These all-natural, dog chews are made from sustainably sourced Australian shark, sure to satisfy even the most determined chewers.

More Than Just a Treat Are Our Shark Cartilage For Dogs 🇦🇺

  • Training Time Dog Treats: Break Shark Tails into smaller pieces for delicious and rewarding training sessions.
  • Portion Control Power: The natural size variation of Shark Tails allows you to control the portion size for smaller dogs or those on calorie-restricted diets.
  • Hydration Hero: Since our  Shark Tails are dehydrated, ensure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water when enjoying these natural dog treats.

Bark with Buster: Committed to Sustainability

At Bark with Buster, we’re passionate about providing delicious treats while being mindful of the environment. That’s why our Shark Cartilage For Dogs 🇦🇺 are:

  • Sustainably Sourced: We source our shark from reputable fisheries that adhere to strict quotas and sustainable fishing practices.
  • Minimising Waste: Shark Tails are made from leftover cuts of shark that would otherwise be discarded, reducing food waste.

Join the Bark with Buster Pack!

Set sail for an adventure of epic proportions with Bark with Buster’s

🇦🇺! We know your dog will love the taste, texture, and crunchy fun these treats provide. Order yours today and watch your pup transform into a drool-worthy, fin-chasing fanatic! Don’t forget to shop our our other delicious treats and browse our extensive range of cat treats as well. Check our our awesome seafood range available

Ingredients-100% Australian Shark Cartilage

Nutritional Analysis

Ash (as is) (TP/024)
M2020-70732 Ash (as is) 45.39g/100g
Metabolisable Energy (Atwater) (TP_FT_008)
M2020-70732 Carbohydrates (no TDF) 3.7g/100g
Energy (Human Nutrition) (TP/110)
M2020-70732 Energy (No TDF) 841kj/100g
M2020-70732 Energy (No TDF) 201 calories/100g
Fat by Acid Hydrolysis (TP/050)
M2020-70732 Fat 1.6g/100g
Oven Moisture (TP/022)
M2020-70732 Moisture 7g/100g
Kjeldahl (TP/026)
M2020-70732 Protein (N x 6.25) (as is) 42.3g/100g
Sugar Profile (TP/036)
M2020-70732 Total Free Sugars <0.1 g/100g
Fatty Acid Profile
M2020-70732 Saturated Fat 0.5g/100g
M2020-70732 Mono unsaturated Fat 0.7g/100g
M2020-70732 Poly unsaturated Fat 0.3g/100g
M2020-70732 Trans Fat P <0.1g/100g
Metals – ICPMS Major (TP/394)
M2020-70732 Sodium 840mg/100g

Additional Information

Weight N/A